Can you Moisturize with Water?

Can You Moisturize with Water?

Ren and the art of H2o.

 Let me preface this by saying that I am not only someone who suffers from extremely dry skin but also someone who wears no makeup and views beauty products with extreme skepticism. So, the fact that I am not only discussing a moisturizer but recommending it as a must? It's distinctly out of character. However, winter is coming, and for me that means bringing out the big guns — products with maximum impact to help skin stay hydrated in the face of freezing temps.

While it’s true we live in a world of instant gratification, I hesitate before using anything that teases with the words 'instant' or 'flash'. Throw in the fact that this also asks you to activate with water after applying and one might assume the results are joke-worthy. 

REN Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion does exactly what its name implies. In less time and hassle than a mask, you’ve got healthy, hydrated and radiant skin. Flash Hydro-Boost is a water-activated hydration treatment that prevents the ageing effects of dehydration, and the product uniquely enhances the skin’s ability to capture, circulate and lock in moisture. The result? Your skin will instantly (yes I said instant) have the look and feel of a face fresh from a facial. 

The formula has a light, lotion-like consistency that’s easy to apply, and although it’s a hydrating treatment, there’s no heavy greasiness or stickiness. You just apply the product by smoothing it onto cleansed skin, wet your fingertips, then activate by massaging the water from your fingers into the skin, until fully absorbed. That’s it! And as is usual for Ren, this is free from unfriendly synthetic ingredients, fragrances/dyes, and petrochemicals.

I know it sounds crazy. Who puts liquid on their face AFTER they moisturize? I do now and I’m telling you this product works wonders — and it works with water.