Member When?

Member When?

Living in nostalgia. 

On this season of South Park (yes, the vulgar animated television show) the writers have introduced what they like to call Member Berries. Lord knows why they chose berries, but basically, they’re these ornery-faced little grape things you buy from Whole Foods that revisit the past by continually asking you if member this or member that as you eat them. Everybody in the town of South Park has quickly become addicted to them because, well, they distract you from current social issues and take you back to a place that makes you feel good. They’re pretty much like the Xanax of the organic produce isle. 

Now, I’m aware that if you don’t watch the show what I’m talking about probably makes no sense or is at least really hard to imagine, so please, just indulge yourself in the tiny clip below so I sound like less of a crazy person. *Disclaimer: There are some offensive members - this is not a PC show.

The overall premise of South Park is to make fun of society, and us, the general public that make it up. The Member Berries  - targeted specifically at the millennial generation - are just a very silly way of illustrating our trending desire for all things nostalgic, and to be honest, I don’t think the writers could be anymore spot on with their observations. 

The point is, we seem to be falling hard for anything that activates that warm and fuzzy feeling of our pasts, and fashion labels, are by no means excluded from brands that are capitalizing on this feeling. Whether you want to embody the essence of Cher Horowitz or Pacman, there’s a product for you. 

Here’s a round-up of my favorite products that are tapping into my childhood fantasies.