Separation (Non) Anxiety

Separation (Non) Anxiety

This past Saturday marked the beginning of holiday party season for me, and much to my dismay, I found myself staring at my wardrobe asking the most cliché question ever, “What the fuck do I wear?” I tried on 3 party dresses before I realized that I really didn’t want to wear a party dress. Although I will undoubtedly slip into something slinky and sparkly for Christmas and New Years, at the time, the notion seemed just as cliché as the big annoying question. 

In an effort to be, dare I say, original, I started sifting through separates in search of something that would jump out at me in an unexpected way. I quickly settled on a burgundy a-line vinyl mini skirt from Zara that I had been dying to break out, paired with this top and topped off with these babies, which, by the way, were the show stoppers/conversation starters of the night (merci, MSA). 

To be completely honest, I felt comfortable (super yay) and cool(er than I usually do) so it’s been filed under outfit win - and I plan on playing by the same rules for the rest of holiday party season. Here are the unexpectedly festive separates that are currently sitting in my virtual shopping carts. Decisions decisions…