Sorry, Grade School Guys

Sorry, Gradeschool Guys

But we're stealing your style.

One of the biggest regrets of my current relationship involves me throwing away a gold velour Puma tracksuit. My fiancé reminds me of this offense at least once a month, despite the fact that I still believe in my heart I was doing him (and his sad wardrobe) a favor. This was five years ago, before streetwear was considered cool again, and in my eyes this ugly middle school relic belonged in the trash. 

Fast forward to now, and one quick review of the fall collections proves my worst fear: All of those boyish school staples still sitting in dude’s dresser drawers have made their way down the runway. Blame it on the snowball effect set forth by normcore’s hipster embrace of dad style and athleisure’s chic offerings to the SoulCycle generation. Or blame it on Vetements, whose cult following from the fashion industry has turned comfy slacker classics into full-blown couture. 

Whatever the case, our constant pangs of nostalgia have now crossed over to the closets of bros from our youth, and designers are giving us sporty statement pieces re-imagined from our school days. There’s Rihanna and Puma selling tearaway track pants, Reformation and Patagonia debuting fleece zip-ups and Nikelab and Riccardo Tisci making basketball shorts that, dare I say, look sophisticated. In an age when fashion continues to become genderless, and business casual is considered dressing up, this new wave brings some boyish ease to an industry where nothing is certain. 

Although a part of me still regrets throwing away that gold velour Puma tracksuit, I find comfort in knowing there’s plenty of cool alternatives out there today...