State of Undress

State of Undress

Finding Comfort in Classics

With 2016 coming to a close, one could argue that this year was quite possibly one of the scariest and tumultuous we’ve seen in recent history. Some of us are fearful and anxious about what President Trump could mean for America and in turn this has left many feeling rattled and afraid. 

Bill Cunningham use to say 'fashion is just a reflection of our times.' Much like politics, it too relies on change, and we’ve similarly witnessed the fashion industry spiral into a state of flux. Nothing seems certain. Now the pace has shifted from seasonal and focused to constant and schizophrenic. And in an age where social media is constantly pushing our brains towards a place of congestion, I’ve personally found myself living in a mental space of unsettling chaos. 

While there are much more damaging things to worry about when it comes to the challenges faced in the world today, many of us are still left guessing what the future will be for American fashion and the country as a whole. 

Yet despite all of the disarray and defeatism, I’ve found comfort in one thing: my clothes. Those classic brands and sturdy standbys that fashion’s lightning pace had forced me to forget are precisely the ones currently bringing solace to my style. When all’s said and done, these are the things I’ve come to count on. It’s time to go back to the basics — at least until we all feel better. 

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