Versace Shares Love

Versace Shares Love

The Versace Emoji is here.

    by Giulia Scalese

If you caught the hint that I dropped in my last blog post (yeah that one from like a month ago) then you know I've been up to all sorts of things and involved in some really exciting collaborations. I've been moving so fast from one project to the next with nearly no downtime in between that I've become embarrassingly behind on sharing my recent work, but, as they say, better late than never! I'll try my best this week to fill you in with all of the other great projects I've been involved in, but for now, I have to start here. 

I partnered with the mother of all brands, Versace, to create some fresh assets for the release of the official Versace emoji. The emoji, if you think about it, is the modern day hieroglyph. A library of micro pop art graphics that, in some instances, are able to communicate thoughts and emotions better than actual words. I may be getting all too comfortable speaking in emoji, but hey, sometimes I just want to blow someone a kiss, or you know, give them the finger, and what better way, right?

I guess that's what Versace was thinking as they embarked on the mission to create a series of their own emojis. From the iconic medusa head, to iterations of the brands staple bags and shoes, and even a couple Donatellas, the Versace emoji app has given the world it's first set of chic emojis. And for that, I say... THANK YOU! 💕💥🌹🎉🎁💰🇮🇹🙏👍