Flair Round-Up

Flair Round-Up 

Snacks edition.

    by Giulia Scalese

I think... well, I know that I was way late to the flair game once I started collecting earlier this year (I can thank my friend Gelareh Mizrahi for sparking my addiction). However, it turns out that doesn't really matter at all because my collection has become really big, really fast. Enamel pins have been around for so long but pin culture is having a huge moment right now. Between Instagram, where the community can easily connect with each other to share, buy and sell, and retailers like Pintrill.com popping up with huge pin inventories, they're everywhere you look and they're quickly becoming the newest trend addiction that one can actually afford! 

So! I've decided to add a new feature to the blog, "Flair Round-Up", where I'll share my current favorite pins, both from my personal collection and on my collecteur's wish list. 

This week's round-up is all about breakfast, lunch and lips. Enjoy! 

• Mouth pin from CouCou Suzette

• Hand pin from CouCou Suzette

• Percolator pin from Night Crawler Goods

• Fried Egg pin from Big Bud Press

• Donut pin from Jolly Awesome Art

• Eyeball pin from CouCou Suzette

• Lips and Cig pin from Pintrill x Francine Dressler

• Nutella pin from Fairy Cakes

• Cheese Pizza pin from Stodium