Outfoxing the Sun

Outfoxing the Sun

Picks from The Pouf

   by Christina Grasso

   by Christina Grasso

It’s no secret to anyone who has laid eyes on me that the sun and I have a complicated relationship. In this estranged marriage, the sun plays the overbearing mother role and I am the deadbeat dad who never shows up to retrieve Tommy from soccer practice because Dad’s too busy hiding in a dark room. When the sun comes out, the Pouf (that’s me, hi, hello) stays in, and when that’s not possible, I take aggressive means to hide from its harmful, detrimental tentacles of doom. 

I strive to be a professional sun avoider partially because with my icy white hair, regular sun exposure would leave me looking a bit like one of Hef’s girls. That certainly can be a lovely look for some people, but it’s not quite “on-brand” for me, as they say. Being of Sicilian descent, I tan incredibly easily therefore the measures I must take to avoid increased pigment are perhaps quite extreme. That being said, the chief rationale behind my anti-sun crusade is simply a means for prevention and longevity. We will be wearing our skin every day for the rest of our lives, so might as well treat it as we would one of The Row’s crocodile backpacks, right? Read on for my allies in the war against sun. 

    •    Bonnets. Traditionally seen as a cute accessory for the under 18-month crowd and de rigueur for those in the Amish community, bonnets have become a staple for me, as well, much to the dismay of everyone who associates with me while wearing one.  Not only does it protect one’s skin and hair from harmful rays, it adds an air of mystery that cannot be achieved through any other headwear. My favorite actually came from an Amish market in Wisconsin, but there are plenty to be found online. Ironic, I know. 

    •    Coverswim. Not only are many of these suits long-sleeved, but all have UPF 50+ for added protection. If I were a Knight, Coverswim would be my shining armor. 

    •    Sunscreen, obviously. Right now my favorite is Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50. It’s a super lightweight formula and doesn’t cause me to breakout like everything else in New York City during the summertime does. 

    •    Hand sunscreen. It’s one of those things you probably never knew you needed, not unlike everything that can be found at Ikea. My late Aunt Anna Mary was a hand model and had the most gorgeous hands even in her late 80s, so I suspect it was due in part to slathering sunscreen on her hands religiously. Hand MD has a great SPF 30+ hand cream that contains turmeric, caffeine, and other anti-aging properties, so I try to use it every morning in hopes my hands will stay in their twenties forever.

    •    Nail sunscreen. Because again, why wouldn’t you? Lately I have been using Londontown protective top coat which not only protects nails from harsh UV rays, but for anyone out there who is a nailbiter, this formula is also vegan and gluten-free! 

    •    Glossier Soothing Face Mist. Since it is not always necessarily practical to tote around a handheld fan/mister, Glossier’s rosewater spray is the next best thing. I like to keep mine in the fridge to make each spritz extra refreshing on a hot day.


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