Keep It Classy

Keep It Classy

And stay true to yourself.

    by Giulia Scalese

Once upon a time, I was assigned by a little novelty handbag company (not going to name names here) to create some content for a capsule collection that they had just released in collaboration with the Simpsons. Yes, the cartoon family - Marge, Homie, Bart, Lisa and Maggie - The Simpsons. Actually though, the capsule collection only featured one character from the show, and probably the most sickening and uninteresting one, Krusty the [ego-centric] Clown. Well, this turned out to be one of the worst working experiences that I’ve ever had. Long story short, they thought my work sucked, told me my style was unsophisticated, and after several attempts to try and please them, they decided to cease all communication with me, leaving all of my Krusty creations out on the curb for trash pickup. In hindsight though, that is exactly where anything Krusty belongs. #SorryNotSorry 😈


Even though this had never happened to me before, I just couldn’t let it go for the longest time. I was like “OMG, they’re right. My works is cheesy and I’ll never be able to go far working with brands if I can’t even make a novelty handbag company that rips off high-end designs and then sells them for $30 happy!” 😫 The whole experience really ate away at my self-esteem and even had me reconsidering my whole approach. “How can I elevate my style to be more high-end? What changes do I need to make if I want to be taken seriously by luxury brands?” Yadda.Yadda.Yadda


Eventually, I had to move on and realize that this is what I do. Love it or hate it, this is what I have to offer and it will either take me places or fizzle out like a sad lil candle. So, here’s some advice to anyone who needs it right now - Don’t let experiences like that one 👆 get you down in the dumps or even change the course of your mission for one second. The only thing that is required from you is authenticity and as much G** damn hard work that you can put into it. The thing is, not every opportunity is meant to work out for whatever reason. If I would have given up or rearranged my agenda due to one cruddy experience with a perverted clown, who knows where I’d be! But I probably wouldn’t be right here, right now, asking you to please enjoy the above images that were created exclusively in collaboration with a little couture fashion house that you may know as OSCAR DE LA RENTA. 


… and then The Collecteur lived happily ever after. Yadda.Yadda.Yadda