10 Tips for Being Olsen Cool

10 Tips for Being Olsen Cool

Happy B-day MK&A!

1. Probably the most obvious, be someone's twin.

2. Never speak to the media. Even when hounded for any comment of any kind, maintain that air of mystery by never talking to anyone outside of your socialite circle. 

3. The fashion empire thing. You definitely need one of those.

4. Always air dry, never blow dry.

5. Head to toe drapey black ensembles even when it's like 90 degrees in the city. But the wet hair will keep you cool! And is it vintage? It should be.

6. If it's in popular demand, turn.it.down. Like that time everyone wanted you to make an appearance on the reboot of the show that gave you your big break but you're like "No sorry I don't act anymore I only do fashun."

7. Smiling? Keep it to minimum, and on the rare occasions that you do, only give a halfsie, like never, ever show teeth.

8. A no makeup, makeup look that is ever un-evolving.

9. Be very picky about the public appearances you choose to make. Like, if you need to show up to The Met Gala or The CFDA awards, that's probably fine.

10. Sit on the floor of your own fashion presentations because you're so humble and artistic and who needs a bench anyway? Benches are passé.


Illustration by Ozlem Djafer of FanaticUK. Follow her on Twitter @fanaticuk_ and on Instagram @fanaticuk_