Picks from The Pouf.

My affinity for anything sparkly dates back to when I was in my Mother’s womb surrounded by glittery amniotic fluid if I remember correctly, but it wasn’t until approximately 1999 when I first discovered the magic of creating a dewy look. I had this favorite champagne eye shadow palette from the Gap I would cake on my face that made me look like a stale powdered donut. But I was only ten and really liked powdered donuts at the time, so I guess I thought it was a good look.

So you can imagine my elation when several years down the road I discovered that highlighter was actually a thing.  I was conveniently living in Italy at the time and after learning that the Milano Chic & Shine stick was Pat McGrath’s magic wand of sorts, I got my mitts on the first one I could find. The good news is, it gave me an extraterrestrial glow rather than a powdered donut finish. The bad news is, it’s only sold in Italy and I used that baby up faster than you can say spaghetti alle vongole

I just wanted an extraterrestrial, beautiful alien child glow, is that too much to ask? Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Here are my favorite picks:


      GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

Packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, Glowstarter nourishes the skin while pearl particles give you that lit-from-within look. 


 Flower Glisten Up Highlighter Chubby

 This crayon number that is exclusive to – wait for it – Wal-Mart, is probably the closest I’ve come to the Madina stick this side of the Atlantic. And trust me – as someone who is terrified of stepping foot into a Wal-Mart, it is totally worth the trip.


RMS Living Luminizer

 All natural with a coconut oil base, this cream formula is both super hydrating and a universally flattering shade. 


Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish

If highlighters were a day of the week, this one would be Saturday night. First there’s the double-sided highlighter/balm duo which goes on like butter and looks like the sound of an angel’s hymn. Then there is the iridescent pigment, which I prefer to sweep over my eyelids for a mermaid-y sheen.
Bonus: it literally comes in a sack of sequins, and if you’re anything like me you’ll glue these to your face for extra luminosity.


Glossier Haloscope

Glossier’s newest release doesn’t disappoint. Infused with real crystals and a moisturizing core, it will, as they promise, give you that glazed donut look (heaps more flattering than the powdered donut effect I mentioned above).