Big Eyes for Fashion Moments

Big Eyes for Fashion Moments

Style in The Cinema.

    by Giulia Scalese

Fact about me: I'm huge into cinema, I adore it. And when I say "huge into cinema", I don't mean that I see every movie ever made, and I don't even rush to the theaters to see the ones that I am looking forward to. No, I would never risk a debut screening of a highly sought after flick by entering an actual movie theater. A move like that would require me to put all of my excitement and anticipation on the line in the hopes that some jack-off or completely innocent tall person wouldn't ruin it for me. 

Maybe I sound like a freaky, anal human, maybe, but I can't help it! I like to be in control of my experiences and when I see a potentially good film for the first time, I want to give the director what he/she wants and certainly deserves, which is my undivided attention. So, I wait, I wait very patiently until the  arrival of the high definition release and then I stream the shit out of that movie on my 6' x 12' projection screen (which is basically a huge portion of empty wall space in my loft). No crying kids, no background whispers, no crumple sounds from food bags - no interruptions whatsoever, just the way I like it. 

Since I'm not a theater person, I'm not too wise on release dates. I do keep track here and there when it comes to my favorite directors who's portfolios I follow, but for the most part, I usually just get to the movies I want to see as they become available. This is pretty much what happened to me the other night while I was mindlessly scanning through a list of movies I hadn't seen yet and eventually landed on Tim Burton's Big Eyes. It had been on my radar, anything from Mr. Burton would be, but it just wasn't one of those must-sees for me. However, the thought of Amy Adams cuteness combined with the fact that I, like the protagonist, am an artist of sorts, was enough to convince me to finally give it a go. 

I was delightfully surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie itself. It wasn't really what I had expected and I'd love to give it a referral real quick because it was quite the empowering film for female artists, or anyone really, who feels a loss of control and/or confidence in any aspects of their life. This, however, is not a movie review, but more a realization that since I'm so "huge into cinema", and fashion too, apparently, that maybe I should write about the two!

It's such a great, complicated and time consuming feat to create a feature film, and no, they're not all winners, but it always kind of irked me how people can so non-chalantly undervalue something that went through such an immense creative process. To write off an entire movie as shit is offensive to the director, no doubt, but think of all of the other creatives that came together with their different mediums required to complete the project - it's just crazy! I don't see them getting anywhere near enough credit, anytime soon. So, because it's totally worth it, let's just take an extra moment to reflect and appreciate one of those underrated mediums. 

Here are the fashion highlights from Tim Burton's Big Eyes.

Krysten Ritter giving all of the Wednesday Addams vibes. 


Amy Adams' screen daughter, Delaney Raye, channeling a young Margot Tenenbaum. 

The artist's black high-neck top. Très chic, très artisque. 

Last, but certainly not least, a wooden suitcase and some Shiloh Jolie-Pitt goodness.