Flair Round-Up

Flair Round-Up

A little bit cute, a little bit creepy.

Back here, with another edition of Flair Round-Up. As I mentioned in my first FR post, my collection is growing fast, and out of control! Collecting pins started out as a personal addiction, but now I'm receiving so many as gifts from generous and talented pin makers all over the world that it's kind of grown out of my hands! I needed a way to showcase my pin game as it grows, so I've set up a secondary Instagram account @PinCollecteur where I share bits of my collection via micro stories, so if you're a collector too, follow along! Each pin post links directly to the makers of the pins featured for your shopping convenience. I know I'm not the only addict out there. 😉

Now, without any further adieu, here's the round-up, inspired by all things cute. 💕

• Emoji heart pin from Pintrill

• Monster pin set from My Friends Are Monsters

• Redrum door pin from Quasivisual Arts

• Grady twins pin from No Direction Co

• Vintage fan pin from Lucky Horse Press

• Ice cream truck pin from Lucky Horse Press

• Lamb pin from Tree Shaped Cloud

• Goat pin from Little Sloth

• Piggy pin from Darwin Designs