What To Wear On Your Face When You're Ghastly Pale

What To Wear On Your Face When You're Ghastly Pale

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I've never been one to extol the virtues of foundation, especially as in recent years I have opted out of the full face of makeup of my college days in favor of a more involved skincare routine. It's also because nine times out of ten, I wind up looking like Tan Mom even when a certain product is supposedly the lightest shade available. 

To paint an accurate picture of just how pale I am, I recently had a gaggle of school kids approach me and ask, assuming I was Albino (I am not), why my eyes weren’t red. And then there was the salad man at Sweetgreen who asked me (during a month that was not October) if I was heading to a costume party because he loved my ghost makeup (I was not, in that moment, wearing any makeup at all).

But some days call for more coverage, and since I have already spent hours upon hours testing products and running back and forth to Sephora, you don’t have to. Here's what to try:


Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Alabaster

Still having issues? Try blending what you have with Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in White. It's basically white-out for your face, but will lighten up whatever shade you're working with.

Or use baby powder.