Permanent Yaycation!

Permanent Yaycation! 

Practice the part by trotting the globe.

   by Lauren Ciaccia

It always seems that right around this time of year, everyone I know is either perched on a poolside cabana or sprawled out on a beach somewhere far from the fumes and freaks that fill city life — and they usually have an envious Instagram post to prove it. Glam island getaways are not only frequent but the norm if a quick glance at e-tailers latest edits are anything to go by. Adding vacation shops has become a permanent, not seasonal, way of attracting new customers which leaves little inspiration for the folks who can forget about thrice yearly vacations. 

Due in large part to the depressing nature of the never ending news cycle, we’re finally realizing the value in enjoying life (no matter where it takes you) and designers are focusing on easy, fun, laid-back pieces to make that type of humble happiness a reality. Fashionable travelers love to wear their wanderlust on their sleeve but thanks to this season’s offerings, there’s a bounty of beautiful takeaways not just reserved for those who are beach-bound. 

I say let this sunny new attitude shine through in your life and style — trust me, the party will surely follow. So whether you’re headed to the countryside, the shore or just the office, get some much-needed R & R with my tips for making any day this summer look like a vacay. 


• Pile On The Pom Poms •
Equal parts cheery and crafty, these little balls are cropping up on everything from straw hats and basket bags to statement dresses and sandals. 

• Ride That Rainbow •
Stripes make a splash every summer, but this year they came in a slew of surprisingly refreshing brights. 


• Dress Deliciously •
Blame Dolce & Gabbana but all sorts of fruits and decadent foods fashioned their way into our wardrobes, making palette-friendly prints perfect for channeling a permanent vacation.

• Take Cover •
  Labels like Dodo Bar Or, Joanna Ortiz and Tabula Rasa are taking typical cover-ups and transforming them into breathtaking dresses daring enough for evening and beyond. 


• Embrace The Body •
Bodysuits — those once brutally banished body-huggers — have bounced back to the forefront of double duty fashion, which means we can wear them all day every day (even when a bathing suit will do)