Introducing COLLECT TV

Introducing COLLECT TV

Tune in, space out.

If the little tv icon in the top left corner of the site snagged your attention, than you've spotted the newest feature that we’ve just added to COLLECT! If you clicked it, you may have gotten a sense for what it is, and yes, other areas of the site are a bit more self-explanatory, however, since this is a little different and a little experimental, I just wanted to give you a quick run-down of what the heck it actually is. 

First and foremost, it’s for fun and inspiration. It’s not actual tv and none of what you’ll see in it are paid advertisements. It's pseudo, synthetic, fugazi, whatever you want to call it, but it’s packed with really addicting content and we’re continuing to load new stuff daily. Current season runway, ad campaigns, fashion films, throwback fashion videos, movie clips, etc. YOU GET THE IDEA. 

Fashion vids have sparked my interest from a very young age because, conceptually, they tend to break all the rules and toss logic out the window. Runway shows, however, have their own special feeling - slightly nostalgic, slightly futuristic - while scenes from a movie can touch you on an emotional level. These are the streams of art that I look to for inspiration and being able to immerse myself, if even for a few minutes, into a world where those things meet, is the single idea behind COLLECT tv. 


Technical Tip: Clicking videos will let you skip just like Snap Chat, woohoo! 

Casting Call: I’m going to be on the hunt for new and interesting video content. If you’re an animator/video maker and you want to have your stuff featured, reach out through the contact page


That is all. Enjoy 📺