Furry Friends for Your Feet

We featured our favorite furry shoes a few weeks ago on the front page, but this is the season's most inescapable shoe trend so I just needed to take an extra minute to analyze what's going on here and why we all suddenly want paws. 

I, personally, am hooked on my furry shoes. I recently received one of the hairiest pair I've ever owned from an up and coming Italian line, Avec Moderation, and I feel like I just adopted a new pet. They are so hairy, like, horse mane-hairy, that I've so far refused to wear them out of my apartment in an effort to preserve their hair, making my Cousin It shoes, by default, my official house slipper. Working, cooking and lounging just got a whole lot more glamorous.

When it's time to step outdoors however, there are my trusty shower slides that have been delightfully upgraded with a strip of pastel hued fur; a small detail that transforms a lazy look into a playful one. They go with everything and basically make any non-outfit, an outfit. And like them, I own sneakers, loafers and (hopefully soon) a pair of flatforms all adorned, in some capacity, with fur. 

Although fur is a traditionally serious material, all of these quirky and unexpected applications on footwear are pretty much saying "we come from the land of fun, not the school of sophistication." This is, I'm pretty sure, the exact reason this is a trend to begin with. It starts with fun and it ends with fun. It's another phase of fashion in which we're ready to unwind from the serious and add a little more playfulness to our dressing regime.

Or, an alternate theory is that a shoe you can cuddle with, is just a better shoe. Either way, I insist you convince yourself to hop into a pair of furries this Fall, and when you do, tell me about how cute your feet look.

Here's a round up of really cute ones that won't cost an arm and a leg!