Spaghetti Style

Spaghetti Style

An ensemble so good, you'll want to eat in it.

The situation in The Matrix (referring to the movie here) is this: the way you look - you're outfit, general appearance, etc. - is a reflection of your inner self. Trinity, also known in real life as Carrie-Anne Moss, is an ass-kicking lady boss, so naturally she would wear head to toe patent leather. I am a pasta-eating wanna be Scorsese character, hence the ensemble above.

I'm coining it Spaghetti Style and these are the ingredients you'll be needing to get the right flavor. 

All in the Label

This is like picking the right can of tomatoes. A Gucci tee is ideal, but a giant Fila logo would suffice. 

Track Pants

Track pants for the win because with pasta comes bread... and canolis.

Luxurious Italian Slippers

This should be obvious. It's the expensive red wine that holds the whole outfit together.

Gold Accents

Just the way your mother raised you.

Now get dressed and mangia, mangia!