Happy Clothes for Not So Happy Days

Happy Clothes for Not So Happy Days

The best kind of therapy.

It's true, there are some problems so grave that a fresh pair of shoes or a new coveted bag just can't fix. For these kind of problems, the only choice we have is to wrangle up all of our inner strength and find the way to fight through. 

I do, however, believe in the power of retail therapy, for the less severe moments of disparity. 

Example #1: Winter has you down, you haven't seen the sun shine in weeks and you're starting to forget what a blue sky looks like. Retail therapy. 

Example #2: You thought you were engaged in what was the beginning of a brand new relationship only to find out that the D-bag is totally not ready to commit. Retail Therapy.

Example #3: Work is stressing you out and you're convinced your boss loves to watch you suffer. Retail therapy. 

So, for those moments, before you hit "add to cart" on just anything, first consider one of these 3 happy brands who's single mission is to brighten your day. 


Mira Mikati


Chinti and Paker


Etre Cecile