Fashion Attacks

Fashion Attacks

The best kind of blast from the past.

If I mention something to you about Sarah Jessica Parker's most stylish role, you'll undoubtedly assume that I'm referring to the shoe hoarding, risk taking, queen of faux pas - fashion darling, Carrie Bradshaw, right? BUT, what if I told you that you were absolutely wrong to assume that, because you know, the ass out of me and you thing, PLUS, SJP on SATC was definitely not her most stylish role. It was actually Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! 


Case in point, we have the below. Name any anchor woman/t.v. personality with an outfit that good. I'll wait. 

I mean, those slime green ankle boots! These Dorateymurs are almost as good, ALMOST! They're clearly not slime green, but they are on sale...

Now, let's get a better look at that hot pink number...

Ahh yes, it's shockingly good, we know. Like this shockingly good hot pink satin trench coat that actually rivals SJP's little wrap jacket. Unlike the boots though, NOT ON SALE!  

Yes, the future is going to be a foil-y one. So grab your best dog-cessory, your widest brimmed transparent hat and welcome it with hospitable greetings. 


Kidding! No need to look like leftovers in the future so let's just be cool with our foiling, ok? Like, just a skirt (and boots) is probably enough. 

Hair ✔️ Makeup ✔️ Lapel ✔️

Whilst I was unable to hunt down a similar piece that was anywhere near as striking, I was reminded of this little Roksanda frock with an ever-so-lovely collar of it's own, that happens to make use of the same delicious palette.

Do we have time for one more? I think we do! Because in this movie, as you may or may not know, Sarah Jessica Parker becomes a chihuahua. And how could we not finish off here by asking ourselves if we've ever seen a pooch with a more styling do?