3 Outerwear Brands Making Winter Fun Again

3 Outerwear Brands Making Winter Fun Again

One fluffy collar at a time.

Winter can be so depressing. In fact, I think I'm in that depressed winter slump, RIGHT NOW. I love the idea of a glittering white wonderland where we're all drowning in joy, but sadly, that just isn't the daily reality of it. And whilst the holidays always seem to be warm and cozy, as soon as January 1st hits, it's nothing but a long freezing road of work and trudging through the city for survival ahead. I mean, just typing that out has sent me into a mini panic. The realization that I am, indeed, a prisoner of winter and I have to serve out this sentence until Spring, just got real.  

The one upside? In this shitty ice prison, we get to choose our own uniforms, and if the temperature is allowing me the privilege of resembling an actual furred creature, then I'm going to take advantage of that. Here are my 3 favorite brands on a mission to make winter fun again.



Charlotte Simone

Mr. & Mrs. Italy